Meet Elaine Reed

Elaine Reed enjoys learning about digital marketing.I didn’t choose the internet. The internet chose me. And for good reason — all the things I love about work are wrapped up in it:

  • Creativity
  • Measurability
  • Flexibility

Internet Marketing gives me a new puzzle to solve every day. How do I best position a product or service? Where do I find my target demographic? How do I get customers and prospects to take the action I want?

Much like math, each project I’ve completed in the digital space has been a building block for the next.

I started my career as a researcher and writer for a start-up website. That led to writing internet ads and community building.

Email Marketing was next, followed by Blogging, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media. As I learned each new channel of communication I also learned how to market with affiliates and comparison shopping engines.

Along the way I was selected to attend international brand training for a Fortune 500 Company, learned how to create online video tutorials, gained experience with a variety of CMS products, and went from creating marketing emails in my Outlook account to using enterprise level software.

Today I create cohesive marketing packages with a strong focus on actionable content that is tailored for each use and each channel, while maintaining brand themes and standards.

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