Four Ways to Develop Content for Your Website and Social Media Profiles

TypingStudies have shown — and Google, Yahoo and Bing have all confirmed — that fresh, relevant content can improve search engine rankings and help maintain rankings that are already high. In fact, Google has made it crystal clear that relevant, useful content is what now wins rankings.

How do you generate quality content to keep your site fresh?

  1. If you get the same question three times most of your customers are wondering the same thing. Put the answer on your website.
  2. Follow industry news. The latest edition of “Insurance Adjusters Monthly” may not be exciting reading for your clients, but there may be a few tidbits that you can share. Write a few sentences explaining why the info is important to your audience. The content doesn’t have to be long. It does have to be useful.
  3. For local businesses, community news can be a great source of content. Will the homecoming parade go past your shop? Did the team you sponsored for little league visit? These things may not be relevant to your products or services, but they are very relevant to your business.
  4. Do you have questions? Are you wondering if your customers would like a line extension or different service from you? Ask them! Facebook and Twitter have made it easier than ever to get feedback directly from a cross section of your audience. Use it!