Why Should My Business Be Active in Social Media?

Marketing StrategyMany business people consider Facebook, Twitter, even a blog as time spent “playing.” This point of view ignores what a powerful tool web content – every blog post, Facebook update or tweet – can be in attracting new clients and projects. Informative, non-promotional content sets businesses apart as experts in their fields and often makes existing customers aware of skills or services that they may not have realized were available to them.

White papers, fact sheets, case studies, webinars and email newsletters can help promote a business without requiring a heavy sales pitch. Plus, a business-to-business company with a lengthy sale or a complex product, gets a leg  up with quality content. It can help speed the process to closing the deal.

The question business people should be asking about participating in social media is not whether, but which social media sites and tools they should use to remind their customers and prospects about their brand.